Consciously Competent Meeting Leadership


There are over 15,000,000 meetings daily in the United States. People lose countless hours and companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars when these meetings don’t get results. Whether you are a leader or facilitator who runs the meeting or a participant who attends one, our suite of Consciously Competent Meeting offerings will provide the tools that you and your team can employ to enhance your meetings and accomplish your business objectives

  • Define a clear objective and agenda
  • Determine if a meeting is even necessary
  • Set the context for an effective meeting
  • Ask clear concise questions
  • Enhance your active listening skills
  • Create participant buy-in
  • Keep the group on track
  • Participate but not dominate
  • Balance your roles of meeting leader and participant in the same meeting
  • Achieve meeting and project
  • Take responsibility to make the meetings you attend accomplish the objectives
  • Be a “guide from the side” in supporting the leader to keep the meeting on topic and on time
  • Make the most of your meetings from the time you’re invited through the time you review the material after the meeting