Consciously Competent Facilitator

For Facilitators

Whether your meetings are same time, same place workshops or geographically-distributed conference calls, this three-day highly participative course will enable you to enhance your professional-level facilitation competencies as you:

  • Recognize and appreciate the importance of preparation activities required in planning
  • Understand your sponsor’s needs
  • Customize your agenda to meet those needs
  • Select appropriate processes and techniques to guide the group toward its desired outcome
  • Create a safe environment that fosters interaction
  • Maintain neutrality
  • Enhance your group management skills
  • Engage in follow-up activities

The Consciously Competent Facilitator was created around the core competencies identified by the International Association of Facilitators.  These competencies for professional-level facilitators are incorporated into the certification program for the designation of Certified Professional Facilitator® (CPF).