Conflict Transformation

DSCN2260 trustConflict insinuates itself in our relationships, our work places and our world. In its extreme conflict:

  • Destroys relationships,
  • Negatively impacts productivity and morale in the work place
  • Creates seemingly insurmountable divides in the world

Conflict Resolution is a wide range of methods that resolves a given conflict. While it is very important that each conflict be resolved, what is vital is that there be resolution with lasting impact.

Conflict Transformation is the process of engaging with and transforming relationships, interests and communication. In this one day Conflict Transformation workshop participants will:

  • Understand the difference between Conflict Resolution and Conflict Transformation
  • See how Out of Control Conflict produces negative outcomes
  • Learn how Managed Conflict produces  positive outcomes
  • Consider how competition contributes to conflict
  • Explore the Four Distinctions of trust
  • Determine where they are on the seven dimensions of conflict
  • Note whether they focus on Interest or Positions
  • See how Empathetic Listening impacts conflict
  • Understand the effect of errors in perception and thought
  • Learn how to hold constructive conversations that don’t create conflict
  • Acquire tools to effectively deal with conflict
  • Develop their conflict transformation skills

so that they are able to bring their best selves to their relationships, their workplace and our world.