Our experiential, highly participatory trainings optimize people, performance and productivity.

Consciously Competent Meetings

This program provides you with the tools to:

  • Develop your meeting objectives and design the agenda that will accomplish them
  • Identify and involve appropriate stakeholders
  • Get more done in less time
  • Increase participation in both your face to face and virtual meetings
  • Develop questions to elicit the information needed to solve problems and make decisions without putting people on the defensive
  • Identify and clearly define action items and gain commitment to complete them

I Didn’t Mean What You Heard

Experientially explore the components of effective communication and learn how to:

  • Know if what you meant was heard.
  • Determine if the words you use are interpreted differently by others
  • Understand yout own communication style and how to adapt to successfully interact with the other three styles.
  • Phrase questions that get information, do not put people on the defensive and promote positive interaction           
  • Deliver feedback that is clear, concise and constructive so that it can be heard
  • Use the Profound Listening Model to build bridges, get individuals and groups unstuck, and focus on the future instead of the troubled past or present.

ToP Facilitation Methods

Learn three proven processes for activating group participation, gain hands-on experience practicing them, and explore ways of applying them to your specific situations: These methods will enable you to:

  • Focused Conversation  Plan and facilitate an effective exchange of ideas through this four step structured process.
  • Consensus Workshop  Promote creativity and productively channel diverse ideas into consensus decisions that everyone can own and support.
  • Action Planning  Facilitate a group rapidly pull together an effective plan, organize needed resources and mobilize participants energy into action using this powerful planning and implementation process.