How would your organization benefit from:

  • Enhanced individual productivity?
  • Improved interpersonal effectiveness?

Personal DiscoveryJonathan's CoreClarity Pyramid

In this fast paced, informative, interactive half-day session the Prismatic Solutions team shares individual results of the StrenthFinder online assessment with the participants and work with them to:

  • Discover how their unique talents show up in their lives
  • Intentionally build on their talents to create strengths,
  • Understand their unique combination of talents,
  • Determine where they can concentrate their energies to create break-through improvements in performance,
  • Communicate across strengths.

Team Dynamics

How would your organization benefit from teams that run like a fine-tuned machine and inspire

  • Effective utilization of individual and diverse talents
  • Consistent delivery of individual and team peak performance
  • Innovation, collaboration and creativity that energizes the participants and the team
  • Continuous cooperative interaction

In this dynamic half-day group- session, the Prismatic Solutions team provides

  • Insights on the practical application of talents in groups
  • A spotlight on the areas of untapped potential in each group
  • Customized, dynamic exercises, in which participants learn how increase productivity by maximizing team strengths
  • Ways to leverage their unique combination to overcome gaps within a team and reach new levels of creative group synergy

Individuals, teams and organizations excel by maximizing their combined potential. The Individual Development and Team Dynamics program helps you understand and appreciate the individual and collective potential of the group in a new light.