When Do You Need A Facilitator?

You need a facilitator when you . . .

  • have a problem to solve, a team assigned and no idea how to go about it,
  • want more effective meetings and have neither the time nor the skills to make it happen,
  • are part of a team that is making a critical decision and you want to participate in the deliberations without dominating the meeting,
  • want to move meetings from endless talk to action,
  • have the responsibility of organizing an off-site board or team retreat,
  • are organizing a weekend meeting to develop a 5 year strategic plan,
  • are part of a group that has difficulty reaching consensus,
  • need to restructure or realign job functions,
  • want to get input from all of the stakeholders,
  • are organizing a week of meetings for twenty three people to dissect what went wrong on a major project,
  • have been charged with a team building project,
  • want to evaluate accomplishments and challenges,
  • have been asked to coordinate departments with differing objectives,
  • are about to launch a new project,
  • are designing or redesigning business processes and want to finish quickly without sacrificing excellent results,
  • cannot remember what was decided or who was supposed to do what after your last meeting,
  • want to develop mission and vision statements for your team, department or company.