DSCN2690 job rersposibilitiesProfessional Facilitation

Facilitation supports groups to effectively identify and achieve their purpose. A skilled facilitator is a content neutral professional who evokes the wisdom from the group and assists  the participants in solving problems, making decisions that improve their productivity and efficiency  Thus, meetings, strategic planning and organizational development, stakeholder input, .and team building sessions result in outcomes seldom achieved without a professional facilitator.

Prismatic Solutions

We are experienced  facilitators who use participatory  group-processes to make our engagements both collaborative and productive. Whether it is strategic planning and organization development, partnering for project success  or conflict transformation, we demonstrate profound listening, ask clarifying questions and engage broad stakeholder input throughout the engagement. We evoke your wisdom and together create new and innovative solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our approach

We facilitate stakeholders to develop a shared vision and a plan to achieve it; commit to operating principles that prevent problems; and provide the means to transform conflict. Our customized facilitations are built around participatory processes that create strategic alliances, develop consensus and build trust. For over twenty years we have facilitated in the private, public, and governmental sectors to collaboratively plan projects, expand creative problem solving, enhance productivity and positively impact the bottom line.

Our skilled facilitators bring to your engagement

  • Strong group leadership skills,
  • The ability to design and deliver group meetings, interventions and events to support you in achieving  you desired results
  • Broad knowledge about group processes and structures
  • Powerful listening and communication skills
  • Knowledge of group and interpersonal dynamics