Code of Ethics

Prismatic Solutions ascribes to the International Association of Facilitators’ Code of Ethics as adopted June 20, 2004, which states in part:

Statement of Values

As group facilitators, we believe in the inherent value of the individual and the collective wisdom of the group. We strive to help the group make the best use of the contributions of each of its members. We set aside our personal opinions and support the group’s right to make its own choices. We believe that collaborative and cooperative interaction builds consensus and produces meaningful outcomes. We value professional collaboration to improve our profession.

Code of Ethics

1. Client Service
We are in service to our clients, using our group facilitation competencies to add value to their work.
2. Conflict of Interest
We openly acknowledge any potential conflict of interest.
3. Group Autonomy
We respect the culture, rights, and autonomy of the group.
4. Processes, Methods, and Tools
We use processes, methods and tools responsibly.
5. Respect, Safety, Equity, and Trust
We strive to engender an environment of respect and safety where all participants trust that they can speak freely and where individual boundaries are honoured. We use our skills, knowledge, tools, and wisdom to elicit and honour the perspectives of all.
6. Stewardship of Process
We practice stewardship of process and impartiality toward content.
7. Confidentiality
We maintain confidentiality of information.
8. Professional Development
We are responsible for continuous improvement of our facilitation skills and knowledge.

For additional information and the complete document, please visis the IAF website.