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Help our community help Nepal

When tragedies like the Nepal earthquake occur, people around the world want to provide assistance but may not know where to send it and question if their contributions will actually go to the folks who need it.

For the last two decades the Institute for Cultural Affairs – Nepal has contributed to the well being of disadvantaged people in their country.  We’ve bee a member of the ICA global community since taking the courses created around the Technology of Participation methods in 1992. During the ensuing years, we have met and engaged with a number of people in ICA-Nepal and learned how ICA-Nepal played a significant role in helping re-shape Nepal after their civil war. Thus, we are certain they will have an equally significant role in working with communities after this earthquake.

We are confident that there is no better way to ensure that funds will benefit impacted communities than through ICA-Nepal because the values and methods around participatory planning and engagement in cultivating change, that all ICAs share, will be at the center of how ICA-Nepal assists in renewal. You can donate by:
Sending a check to ICA-USA (4750 N. Sheridan, Chicago IL 60640) with ‘for ICA-Nepal’ written in the memo/note,

Donate online by going to the ICA-USA donation page.

Donations to be sent to ICA-Nepal will be accepted between now and Friday, May 15th. Your gifts will be tax deductible and the entire amount donated to Nepal.

Thank you for donating to this fund and sharing this post with your network.