What is facilitation?

Professional facilitation supports groups to effectively identify and achieve a common purpose, make decisions and exchange ideas and information. It also keeps groups focused and creatively engaged when solving a problem or addressing complicated issues.

When do you need a facilitator?

You need a facilitator for a wide variety of meetings such as those that are too large, to complex or too contentious to conduct yourself. You also need a facilitator when you want to participate and not dominate. For details, please check out “When you need a facilitator”

How much does facilitation cost?

The cost of a facilitation engagement is based upon the services that we agree upon to achieve your goals. Thus, every facilitation engagement is unique. We work with you and your budget to build a process that meets your organization’s needs and financial constraints.

Are you available outside of the Dallas Fort Worth Area?

We will travel to wherever you are, both within the United States and internationally,  to deliver our facilitation services and trainings. If travel expenses are a limiting factor for your budget, we offer virtual facilitation and training solutions.

How is virtual facilitation useful?

More and more business is conducted globally.  This has necessitated that meetings be held virtually to enable distributed teams to stay connected daily and maintain  team cohesiveness. Virtual meetings magnify the challenges of face to face meetings and create additional problems. when people don’t see each other and can’t access the non verbal cues. When they don’t understand what’s going on, they check out. When the topic isn’t interesting, participants move on to other tasks. Virtual meetings require better preparation and more specialized facilitation skills than face to face meetings. Skilled virtual facilitation makes your virtual meetings more participatory, more collaborative, more creative, and more effective,

What size groups do you facilitate?

Professional facilitation is  useful for group meetings of all sizes. To date we have worked with groups as small as five people to as large as two hundred + people. We specialize in participatory, collaborative processes for groups meetings that are large or complex. 

How much lead time do you need for a project?

Since each engagement is unique, there is not a set amount of time.  The more involved the project, the more time is needed for the consultation and design as well as the delivery. Thus, we generally book engagements several months in advance. We do, however, make every effort to accommodate clients with short lead times as well. If we cannot accommodate a short turnaround time, we will work with you to find an available facilitator among our network of colleagues.

What industries do you serve?

We work with any organization that has meetings. Our clients have included businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and not for profit entities.

With what professional associations are you affiliated?

We are affiliated with the International Association of Facilitators  the ToP Network, the Virtual Facilitation Collaborative,  the Institute for Cultural Affairs

What is Facilitator Certification?

Facilitator Certification is based upon rigorous peer review of knowledge, experience and demonstration of skills. . Certification offers clients an assurance that those who are certified are qualified to design and provide group facilitation services. There are three certification assessments: IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator, INIFac Master Facilitator and ICA ToP Facilitator. A facilitator who has achieved one or more of those  designation has satisfactorily demonstrated attainment of the certifications’ core competencies in a peer review assessment.

What certifications do you have?

Nadine is the only facilitator to hold Certified Professional Facilitator for IAF, Certified Master Facilitator from INIFAC and Certified ToP Facilitator from ICA. She has assessed candidates for all three certifications.