Nadine Bell

Nadine Bell, President of Prismatic Solutions, has designed and facilitated productive face to face and virtual meetings in the private, public and governmental sectors locally, nationally and globally. She specializes in Strategic Planning and Organizational Development, Effective Communication, Conflict Transformation and StrengthsFinder Individual and Team Development.

As a result of her customized facilitations, organizations:

  • Develop a shared vision and collaboratively plan to achieve it
  • Enhance communication and create consensus
  • Build trust and create strategic alliances
  • Expand creative problem solving
  • Commit to operating principles that both prevent problems and provide the means to transform conflict
  • Enhance productivity and positively impact the bottom line

Nadine is a mentor trainer of the Technology of Participation® methods and the creator of both Consciously Competent Meetings for Leaders and I Didn’t Mean What You Heard communications workshops. She coaches leaders and facilitators responsible for meeting outcomes on best practices for successful meetings. This Past Chair of the International Association of Facilitators is the only facilitator who has earned all three facilitator certifications: Certified Professional Facilitator, Certified Master Facilitator, Certified ToP Facilitator and she has assessed candidates for these certifications globally. In 2014 Nadine became an inaugural inductee to the International Facilitators Hall of Fame.

Jonathan Bell

jonathan bellJonathan Bell, a partner at Prismatic Solutions, is a Certified Professional Facilitator who has worked with groups in business, government and not for profits to build consensus, solve problems and achieve results. Jonathan worked with Prismatic Solutions on a part time basis since its inception both as a facilitator and on the logistics side.

In September 2011, he moved into the facilitation field full time after more than a decade working in software support and testing for Intuit and other companies. He brings the technical skills he gained from that industry to the new frontiers of facilitation. He is a trainer of the Technology of Participation methods and of the Prismatic Solutions courses I Didn’t Mean What You Heard and the Consciously Competent Meetings Suite.